Los Angeles Slab Yard and Tile Shop with porcelain slabs

Porcelain Slab Yard in Los Angeles on Sepulveda Blvd

One of the biggest names in natural stone has released a new line that resembles natural stone but with modern day advantages. Antolini Tech mimics the look of natural stone by adding veining throughout its porcelain slabs. Antolini in Los Angeles and these porcelain slabs are made from pressed clay and sand exposed to extreme temperatures, and are meant to serve as an alternative to natural stone. The porcelain slab in Beverly Hills is hard to find but our showroom is close by between olympic blvd and pico blvd in sunny Los Angeles, California. Our products durability and aesthetically modern look, it can be used in any indoor or outdoor project. Antolini Tech porcelain slab in Los Angeles is resistant to extreme weather, versatile and low maintenance. Antolini tech  is becoming a household favorite for those that want an elegant look without the high maintenance of caring for natural stone. The Antolini Tech Porcelain Collection is available in 10 different color choices to suit any project.

Royal Stone & Tile in West Los Angeles on Sepulveda between Pico and Olympic on the west side of the street also carries porcelain slabs from the Fondovalle collection in Italy. Fondovalle Porcelain Slab Line  My Top encapsulates a selection of large, 12 mm- thick slabs, which revolutionises the concept of ceramic tiling, taking it to new spatial and design dimensions. With pioneering technology, we have transformed and reinvented the looks and technical features of conventional porcelain stoneware and transferred them to large scale designs.
The resulting beauty of textures and nishesexpands to let users explore future scenarios for contemporary living. MyTop brings innovative technology to the ceramics industry, which will change the face of tiling, expanding its potential for expression to include new applications and uses

in the world of bathrooms, kitchens, and interior design in general. A unique and ideal solution for worktops that not only need to be stylish but also to offer a high technical performance. A product development that originates from Fondovalle’s experience and commitment to research, the hands of our skilled craftspeople and technicians, and the tried and tested hands-on approach. In keeping with the changes and needs of modern living, itbreaks down the con nes of conventional methodsand technology, to develop new creative synergies, spreading beauty and the essence of Italy.

Royal Stone & Tile is serving all of  Canoga Park, Beverly Hills, Agoura Hills, Calabasas, Northridge, West Hills, Brentwood, Malibu, Pacific Palisades, Santa Monica and West Hollywood.


Royal Stone and slab yard with large inventory of porcelain

Calacatta Gold Porcelain Slabs

Calcutta Gold  Porcelain Slabs.Royal Stone & Tile has  porcelain slabs at the slab yard.

Amazing slabs of Calacatta Gold marble can not only demand a high price tag but can also require maintenance. Porcelain slab options can give you the same look with a much lower cost and much less maintenance.

Carrara White Porcelain Slabs

Carrara White Porcelain Slabs.Royal Stone & Tile has  porcelain slabs at the slab yard.

Carrara Marble Porcelain slab collection from Royal Stone & Tile  combines the beautiful veining known from our popular carrara marble with the well known durability of porcelain slabs.

Nero Marquina Porcelain

Negro Marquina Porcelain Slabs.Royal Stone & Tile has  porcelain slabs at the slab yard.

Negro Marquina offers a classic rich black marble with a distinctive white veining pattern suitable to both classic and modern inspired design projects. Porcelain Negro Marquina slabs add the durability of porcelain.

Paonazzo Black Vein Porcelain


Paonazzo is a very rare form of Marble.  The Royal Stone Paonazzo Black Vein Porcelain have dramatic movement just like the real marble slab without the maintenance.

Washed Concrete Porcelain Slab

Fondovalle Concrete Portland Porcelain Slabs.Royal Stone & Tile has  porcelain slabs

A concrete slab is a common structural element of modern buildings. Pouring a concrete slab yourself can be a big money-saver or big mistake. Porcelain slabs give you the look of concrete with the durability of Italian Porcelain.

Statuary Vein Porcelain Slabs

Statuary Vein Porcelain Slabs.Royal Stone & Tile has  porcelain slabs at the slab yard.

Statuary Vein marble is quarried in the legendary Carrara area of Italy, this stone is known for the distinct gray veins that meander throughout.  Going with the porcelain option can provide an equal look with maximum durability.