Italian Porcelain Cobblestone Pavers from Royal Stone & Tile

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Royal Stone & Tile has new exterior Porcelain cobblestone They originated in Italy (of course!) and they’re exquisitely beautiful. Porcelain pavers are the newest trend in hardscaping, walkways, patios and pool decks, with a truly breathtaking range of styles, colors and looks for your outdoor living environment.

First invented in Italy, and now available from several U.S. manufacturers, porcelain pavers are made using a combination of high-tech glazing techniques and modern porcelain manufacturing methods. Besides being drop-dead gorgeous, they have important advantages over traditional natural stone, wood or cement-based alternatives for driveways, walkways, patios and the floors.

Porcelain pavers are impervious to oil, water, and chemical spills, so you never have to worry about stains, as you do with concrete, stone or wood. They also don’t crack, dry out, rot or suffer from mold.

The glazed finish is incredibly durable, so unless you routinely run herds of buffalo through your backyard you won’t have to repaint or retouch the finish the way you must with painted concrete or wood surfaces. It also never fades or discolors, even in the most intense sun exposure. Porcelain pavers don’t require sealers, resins or glues, making them almost the ultimate in environmentally-friendly outdoor finishes.

These modern finishes are inherently non-skid, even when wet, so that they don’t require periodic treatment to keep them safe to walk on—an important consideration for a pool deck or raised patio.

Multi Size Porcelain Pavers installed in an alternating pattern on a driveway floor

Multi Size Porcelain Pavers installed in an alternating pattern on a driveway floor