About Royal Stone & Tile in Los Angeles

How we became the premier Italian marble slab Importer in Los Angeles

Our company is a direct importer of marble, porcelain tiles, and slabs. We also have a retail store in west LA with large warehouses and a 50,000 sq. ft. slab yard with massive amounts of unique and specialized inventory of mainly Italian origin materials, but we also import from Brazil, Portugal, Spain, Israel, Greece turkey and China.

We are different from other companies because we were able to become a one stop shop for consumers. The construction process is already stressful as is, and whereas normally customers would bounce from a boutique tile shop to make tile selections, to another slab yard to pick slab and solid surface materials, our customers are able to accomplish A to Z by bridging the gap. To also ease the burden of stress on our customers, we have quick shipping and are able to fill immediate large orders.