White Marble Slabs at Royal Stone & Tile

Royal Stone 2303 South Sepulveda Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90064

Royal Stone carries Marble Slabs, or metamorphosed limestone, that is a beautiful natural stone material, with each rock or stone  unique to where it’s found in world and how it was formed by nature. Marble has been in existence for many millions of years (pretty long time I think) , hidden in the ground and earth before humans brought it to light and extracted the material from the marble quarries. Thanks to the marble’s movement and colors available , strains and special luster and finishes adds to its versatility for artists, architects and designers have always loved the luxurious stone and slabs.

Though marble is quarried in many locations and in almost all countries, it is closely identified with Italy (where the best factories and manufacturing facilities exist) and also where marble formations are spread throughout the earth and land . The most popular variety is white Carrara, Italy.  In Italy the materials are   extracted in the Apuan Alps in north-central Italy. Calacatta and Bardiglio marbles also are from this region, which is considered the most significant Italian region for the types and volume of marble extracted. However, there are many districts famed for other types of marble. Red Verona marble comes from Veneto, Portoro from Liguria, Pietra di Trani from Apulia and Custonaci from Sicily, to name just a few.

Find out more about this fabulous slabs and stones, from its  transportation in Roman times to the exciting modern innovations of the current market.